As the only company in Europe we combine Digital print and EB curing for varnish & lamination. Our wide format (760mm) press offer unique possibilities within digital printing.

The advantages are many including:

  • Variable data & many versions
  • Casting Cure (Varnish effects)
  • Pack ready
  • Green
  • Test runs
  • 7 color
  • Outside printing
  • No klichés or plates



We produce labels and decals in many applications. Combined with our finishing lines, we add effects that enhance the value of your product such as hot and cold foiling, embossing, lacquer, screen and flexo. We offer both traditional die cut and laser die cutting  which is suitable for product development and small editions.

Special prints and effects
In addition to labels and packaging, we also offer Sticky Premium, shelf- stripes and tags etc. In combination with the press and finishing such as embossing, foiling, screen and flexo, we can manufacture to your requirements from start to finish.

Sticky Premium is a premium product used for all smooth surfaces and optimized for windows in refrigerated cabinets. It´s a liner-less product with no waste and an adhesive that will not leave any adhesive residues.


Digital product photos
As a complement to the physical packaging we also produce 3D images from the original file.


Mock – Ups

We can produce mock – ups and test runs with the help of our own design department, printing press, finishing and cutting table. This way you can test your products in all positions and get the best out of your products.