Graphical services


Graphical services

A strong packaging design highlights the products and can generate sales that will quickly pay for the investment you made in developing something really good and strong. We can help you all the way from design development to the effective artwork production, proofs and print files.


Design development

A selling design begins with a strong and distinct concept. Therefore, we have a close strategic cooperation with Idego design, who for 15 years worked with all types of design projects from concept development, redesign and adjustments to new markets.


Packaging design

An important part of developing unique and consumer friendly packaging is the design. Therefore, we have a department with help of Artios Cad and cutting tables from Kongsberg so that we can produce different designs. An excellent tool for testing different solutions in terms of both function and design.


Artwork production

Artwork production requires attention to details and accuracy. Every part of the graphic chain, facilitated and supported by proven online tools, including project management and digital asset management. This gives you control of your brand, both in terms of design and technical.