Our offer



AR Packaging Digital (former Mediaköket) is a full graphical service provider and an industrial scaled digital printer for flexible packaging and label production. We offer our customers solutions from A-Z, big or small and customized to the needs. Our 17 year digital printing experience combined with 40 years of prepress and print management makes us as a top supplier of print and graphical services.


Our HPI 20000 & 6800 Digital presses combined with a finishing line including lamination and EB curing of varnish makes us unique in Europe. Finishing with EB curing is the green way and pack ready directly after production. Production within flexible packaging and labels.


Prepress & PMA (Print Management Agency)
The latest technology and our operators expertise makes us in the front of delivering prepress, proofs and print ready files. We produce to all techniques and provide our customers the full support and competence needed to be able to work with printer suppliers around the world.


Graphical services
A strong packaging design highlights the product and can generate sales that will quickly pay for the investment you made in developing something really good and strong. Combined with the design development we will produce final artworks, proofs and print files that meets the needs for the project.